Keeping Your Boat Salon Cool And Comfortable Inside

13 March 2017
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Spending time out on the water in your boat can be relaxing, but if you have a lot of glass on the boat, the intense sun coming in the salon windows can add a lot of heat to the interior. On smaller craft, the windshield and pilot house windows can suffer from glare off the water that makes it hard to see. In both cases, there is a way to deal with the sun and reduce the effects it has on your boat.

Cutting The Glare

The glare coming off the water can make it tough to see clearly through the windows on your boat, which can be dangerous.  One solution for this is to install some glare-resistant tint on the windows in the pilot house or driver's console. The tint film will reduce the glare from the water and make it easier to operate the craft. Select a tint film that has a very light tint to it so your nighttime operating is not affected by the film. Check the local laws regarding tinting the windows on your boat to ensure you are not breaking any laws before you install the film.

Reducing Heat Inside Your Boat

On larger boats, the salon, or living area, is often filled with large windows. After all, being on the water is as much about the scenic view as it is about anything. If you have to worry about the sun coming in the windows all the time, it makes it hard to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the boat. Installing tint film on the glass offers some protection from the harsh sun and heat it produces coming through those big windows. You can use a darker tint on these windows if you want, but keep in mind, the darker the window the tint is, the harder it will be to see through those windows at night.

Added Privacy At The Dock

As an added bonus, those tinted windows on your boat can make it harder to see in the windows from outside on the dock. When you are in port for a night or a few days, you don't want people walking past your boat and peering in the windows to see what is going on inside, and a decent tint on the glass can make it difficult for would-be peepers to see inside. If you live full-time on board or spend a lot of time on the boat, these things are even more important. Something as simple as a little tint, properly applied, can make your boat work better for you with very little expense.

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