3 Custom Items To Sell For Your Youth Football Team's Fundraising Efforts

28 June 2017
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If you are in charge of fundraising for a team in a youth football league, you may be wondering what else you can do to raise money besides selling candles or holding a raffle of some sort. One thing to keep in mind is that parents, family members, and friends of the children on the team would probably prefer items that can be kept as mementos rather than things that are more disposable, including customized products. Here are a few ideas.

Car Magnets

You can see them pretty much wherever you go: custom car magnets proudly on display on family vehicles. Or at least you would if you choose to sell these hot items for your fundraising efforts. Car magnets in the shapes of footballs and football helmets can be customized with your team colors and printed with your team's name and/or mascot. Give parents the option of having their magnets customized with their child's name and/or jersey number.


Sell t-shirts with customized prints with the team's name and mascot. Of course, choose the appropriate team colors for either the t-shirts or the ink. You can order a wide variety of sizes in various amounts and keep enough stock on hand to sell at each home game. Alternatively, you can send order forms home with your football players (and cheerleaders if your team has cheer squads) and place the final order based the sales. If you choose this route, consider allowing the shirts to be customized with player names and jersey numbers. You may also have more sales if you design t-shirts specifically for family members, such as, "Proud Football Mom" or "My brother is a football player."

Noise Makers

Noise makers can help your team's parents, family members, and friends cheer their team on. Noise makers, such as horns, air blasters, and cow bells, can be customized as well. However, first you'll want to be sure to understand any rules your league may have regarding noisemakers. Sometimes, leagues don't allow noisemakers during playoff games but do allow them for regular game play, so you'll want to be certain of the rules before going ahead with customized noise makers.

Regardless of which type of item you choose or whether you choose them all, it's important to provide the supplier with the exact team colors so there's no confusion, particularly for colors that have a wide range of variances that are typically used by sports' teams, such as various shades and hues of green. Companies like ARC Marketing can help you with your promotional needs.