Selling Your Car And Advice To Keep In Mind

15 May 2018
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If you are selling your car, selling it in as-is condition is a great choice because it can protect you down the road should something go wrong with it. Since you can never count on any car to continue running how it is running today, this protection can prove to be important. Also, you never know how the new buyers are going to treat it, so you don't want to be liable if they run it into the ground in a week and try to claim it was sold to them like that. Along with making sure you point out the car comes in as-is condition, you also want to take steps to make sure you can sell the car fast and for as much as possible. Here are some steps to take before you start showing your car to potential buyers.

Have good-condition tires on it – Buyers like to come out, literally kick the tires, and start talking about their condition and how they feel the car is worth less since the tires obviously need to be replaced soon. You can cut them off at the knees with this by making sure the car already has good tires on it. It's also great if you have the paperwork to go with the tires, including the warranty info. If the car already has good tires, you may want to take them in and have them freshly rotated and balanced; this can be used as a little extra selling point.

Make sure the brakes are in good shape – Even if you are selling the car in as-is condition, you do want to make absolutely sure the brakes are in good shape. Have them looked at and if the technician suggests replacing them, have it done. Give the buyer the receipt and make sure they know there are brand new brakes when you are showing the car. Again, this will be another feather in your cap when it comes to selling them on the car. Since it's pretty inexpensive to have brakes changed, this step should prove to be well worth it.

Have the oil changed and the car tuned-up – If the car is coming up due for an oil change soon or will shortly be due for its tune-up, just take care of these things now. Not only can you show the receipt for these things as well and let the buyers know they won't have to worry about them for a while, an oil change and tune-up can help the car sound and run smoother, increasing the chances of a great test drive.

Have the car fully detailed – No matter how clean you try to get the car on your own, the chances are good that a professional car detailing place would have been able to do it much better. They have all the necessary equipment and solutions needed for getting cares looking and smelling as good and fresh as possible. They also know which important areas really need to sparkle and will make it happen.

Hang an air freshener in the car – One of the things buyers will pay the most attention to when they first sit in the car is the smell it has. By hanging a good promotional air freshener in the car, you will be making sure they will be met by a pleasant smell.