4 Great Auto Accessories For Your Cadillac

15 May 2019
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Owning a Cadillac is about more than owning a car. Owning a Cadillac is about owning a luxury vehicle. There are lots of great accessories that you can add to your vehicle that will enhance the experience of owning a luxury vehicle and will also help protect your vehicle.

#1 Custom License Plate Frame

When you are driving around in such a nice vehicle, you don't want to be driving around with a simple plastic license plate frame. Instead, you want to be driving around with a high-quality Cadillac logo license plate frames. Upgrade your license plate frame to one with a custom Cadillac logo. A custom license plate frame will make your license plate pop and will look great on your vehicle. Your license plate will have a strong silver frame around it, with the word "Cadillac" in classy cursive writing across the bottom of the frame.

#2 Cargo Liners

In most vehicles, other than the driver's seat, the trunk is one of the most heavily used areas in a vehicle. In order to protect the carpet in your trunk, invest in a cargo liner. A cargo liner is designed to fit the bottom of your trunk. Some liners also provide protection for the back of your seats as well.

It is made from weather-proof material and will protect the carpet in your trunk from wear and tear. A cargo liner is also easy to clean. Depending on the make-up of the cargo liner, you can simply vacuum it or spray it off.  

#3 Custom Coasters

It can be difficult to keep the beverage holders in your vehicle clean. Customer oval cup holder coasters, with a Cadillac logo of course, can add a degree of style and functionality to your cup holders. The coasters will help keep your beverage holders clean, and for beverage holders with open bottoms, the coasters will prevent moisture from dripping off your cups.

#4 Seat-Belt Shoulder Pads

If you don't like the feeling of your seat-belt as it rests against your shoulder, purchase some Cadillac seat-belt shoulder pads. For aesthetic reasons, these pads have the Cadillac logo on them. For comfort reasons, they provide extra padding, making wearing your seat belt more comfortable without taking away from the functionality of your seat belt at all.

Have some fun and invest in some accessories that help show-off your new luxury vehicle and protect it at the same time. A custom license plate holder, seat-belt shoulder pads, coasters, and cargo liners all serve both functional and aesthetic purposes and are fun accessories to add to your vehicle.