Things To Consider When Tinting The Windows In Your Home

26 October 2022
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Residential window tinting can offer some benefits for your home, and when professionally applied to the glass, it can look great on the windows. The amount of tint you use and which windows you use it on can affect the material's performance, but the residential window tinting service can help you determine where you most need the film and how to ensure it is effective on your glass. 

Where To Apply Tint

Determining the most effective areas of your home to put residential window tinting is the best place to start. The south-side windows typically get the most sun, so adding tint to the south-facing windows can help reduce the amount of UV light coming through the glass. 

UV or ultraviolet light is the spectrum of light that causes heat to build up in your home and is the same light spectrum that causes sunburns, fades cloth and other materials, and generally is the most damaging. When trying to reduce the heat in the house and protect the furnishings, it is essential you use a film with a high level of UV protection. 

Some UV films are not very dark, so you can effectively stop heat gain while keeping the windows clean and natural looking if that appeals to you. Discuss the tint options with the residential tinting service you are using, and they can show you many different samples of what is available for your glass. 

Installing Window Tinting

The residential window tinting service you are using will put the tint film on the glass for you carefully so that it fits without gaps around the edges. Each piece of film is hand-cut to fit the glass panes and allows correction for any variation in the frame from manufacturing. 

The glass may look tinted after the installation is complete, but the edges should look as if the tint extends under the frames without gaps or wrinkles that affect the house's aesthetics. If the windows contain many small panes, it can take time to cut and install the tint material, but accuracy is critical to the final outcome of the window. 

A professional window tinting service can complete the work quickly and still produce a final product that is clean, wrinkle-free, and will keep the sun out while looking great on the glass. 

For homes in a historic district, there can be restrictions about how dark the tint can be, but keeping the windows looking clear and filtering UV rays is still possible, so discuss it with the tinting service to determine the best option in this case.

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