Places To Look For Classic Car Parts When You're Restoring An Old Car

21 January 2018
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Restoring a classic car is a fun hobby to start with your teen or just to enjoy by yourself. You can spend many weekends under the hood tinkering with the old car and fixing it up until it runs and looks nearly as good as it did in its prime. It's a great way for your teen to learn about cars and it's a hobby that can last a lifetime. One problem you may encounter is finding parts for an old car, however, searching can be half the fun. Here are some ideas for finding classic car parts for sale.

Classic Car Swap Meets And Clubs

You're not alone in your love of classic cars. Restoring and admiring old cars is something many people do, and networking with them is a great way to learn about places to buy parts for your car. Attend swap meets or consider joining a local car enthusiast club where you might find people who stock and sell old parts or you may talk to people who know other people that do. Sometimes finding the right part is a matter of connecting with a fellow classic car lover who has a collection of spare parts he or she is willing to sell.

Junkyards And Classic Car Repair Shops

It may be worth looking through your local salvage yard for the parts you need. You can call ahead or call junkyards in other cities to see if they have the model car or parts stripped from the car you need. You might be able to walk in and buy the exact part you want, but you might have to walk around the yard, find the car, and then remove the part yourself. It may take trips to several junkyards to find parts in good shape, but that can be a fun outing in itself. A repair shop that fixes classic cars is another place to check for parts. They may not have the parts you need but can provide you with sources to begin your search.

Auctions And Private Owners

You might find old car parts at auctions, even online auctions. You may even find places online or advertised in classic car magazines that connect buyers and sellers of old car parts. A private owner of an old classic car may be trying to sell off the parts rather than sell the car to a junkyard. This might be an option if you can't find a part locally, however, you'll be buying a part unseen if you order online or through the mail.

Classic Auto Parts And Replica Parts Dealer

The easiest way to find classic car parts is through a store that handles parts from vintage and classic cars that are hard to source elsewhere. This is a good place to begin your search and it can also be a good place to end your search if you can't find the part you need anywhere. If your restoration project is on hold because of a part you can't find, you may want to consider buying a replica part from a store that deals in them.

If you want the car to be 100 percent authentic, you probably want original parts no matter how long it takes to find them. However, if you just want to fix up the old car for your teen or you to drive, then you might be willing to settle for a new product off the shelf that works so the car can hit the road sooner.