Keeping Your Snowplow Running Through The Winter Season

22 November 2019
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If you are operating a snowplow on your truck, it is important that the plow works properly when you need it to. Snowplowing can put a lot of stress on your plow, the frame and system, and on your truck, so it is critical that you maintain all three through the snowplowing season.

Servicing the System

Snowplows use a hydraulic system to raise, lower, or angle the plow from inside the cab of your truck. Older systems use an engine-driven hydraulic pump, while newer systems use a self-contained electric pump system on the plow frame. Check the belt regularly for wear and tear on engine-driven systems and the electrical connection on frame-mounted systems. 

Either of these systems needs regular maintenance to ensure that it has enough hydraulic oil in the system and that the pump builds up enough pressure to lift the plow. Check the system and add hydraulic oil if it is low before you use the plow, and watch for any place on the system that red hydraulic fluid appears. This could indicate a leak and may require you to take the plow to the dealer for service or repair. 

Push Frame Inspection

The push frame on your plow system connects the plow to the frame of the truck and if the bolts that hold it in place loosen or break, the frame can move and damage can occur to the frame of the truck and the plow frame. Having the plow frame, the push frame, and the bolts that connect all of it to the truck prior to the snow plowing season should be a priority. 

If you are not sure what to look for under the truck, take the truck to the dealer that put the plow on for you and have them check everything. The bolts can shear off if you hit a rock or even a large chunk of ice with the plow and may require replacement. 

Install a New Cutting Edge

If the cutting edge on the plow is starting to show wear, you may need to replace it with a new edge. There are different types of cutting edges, so talk to the dealer about the best one for your plow and make sure they install it at the right height to remove the snow but not catch things on the ground as it moves over them.

Install Better Shoes

If the plow shoes are wearing on your system, it is a good idea to replace them with aftermarket shoes. The shoes fit on the bottom of the plow and the weight of the plow rests on them as you are plowing. They allow the plow to glide over things easier and protect the cutting edge from excessive wear but can wear themselves as a result. 

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